Clean Green Solutions

8 Mitchell St. Boston, MA 02127
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“Clean Green Solutions has become a great asset to our company. As Vice President of Operations for the 16 hotels in our portfolio, we consider change with alot of thought. Our hotels have been using the same “major” cleaning chemical company since our inception. After testing several green cleaning options we decided to go with Clean Green Solutions and their Green Housekeeping Program. The price was comparable to the traditional cleaners we were using and our housekeeping staff’s feedback was that the green cleaners provided by CGS worked better than the non-green cleaners we were using AND that the green cleaners didn&38217;t harm their lungs or skin as the non-green cleaners did. Several of our housekeepers have said that after just a few short weeks of using the green cleaners, they felt better. Making this decision in our hotels is one of the most positive overall changes our company has made...thank you Clean Green Solutions!”

Beth Gleim
Vice President of Operations
Jiten Hotel Management