Green Housekeeping Program

The portfolio of green cleaning products in The Green Housekeeping Program allow a facility to be cleaned green from top to bottom.

We work together with management and cleaning professionals to implement a comprehensive green cleaning plan that allows for healthy and safe cleaning while saving money.  

We certify and train each individual on the facilities and cleaning staff.  We supply and install our SNAP mixing station.  We provide color-coded and labeled spray bottles and sprayers.  We create a product specific, customized green cleaning plan for your building and provide charts in English, Spanish and Portuguese to be sure the staff is implementing the program properly.

Contact us to find out about what green cleaning products are right for your building

SNAP Dispensing System

Mix your cleaning products on site for just pennies a quart! SNAP Enviro Care products are diluted by the dispensing system, are super-concentrated and are better for the user and environment. They are made from plants and contain no fragrance, petroleum, alcohol or ammonia.

SNAP Enviro Care
Tough Job


SNAP Enviro Care Low Foam All Purpose


SNAP Enviro Care Glass Cleaner


SNAP Enviro Care Neutral Disinfectant

EPA Registered Disinfectant

SNAP Proxi Heavy Duty Bathroom Cleaner

Hydrogen Peroxide

SNAP Fresh Aire

Air Freshener


Enviro Care Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

Proxi Spray & Walk Away

Carpet Spotter


Natural Shine

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Heavy Duty Degreasing

DFE Alpha 3

Trash Room & Odor Control

Enviro Care Liqui-BAC
Oxygen Air Freshener

Dispensing System

Cartridge Refill

Floor Finish & Stripping

Enviro Care Novus Floor Finish
Enviro Care Floor Stripper


Flex Gym Disinfecting Wipes
Heavy Duty Spray Triggers