Clean Green Solutions offers products in four categories: Green Cleaning Products, Green Laundry Products, Green Restaurant Products and Cleaning Equipment.  We stay true to our founding principles of providing true green products that are effective and cost efficient.

The transition from your current cleaning program to an all green cleaning program will be seamless to your guests and staff. We provide our customers with customized LEED approved green cleaning plans for their apartment building, campus, restaurant or laundry facility; along with all training materials and on-site posters and literature. Check out our new 2020 catalog here.

Green Housekeeping Program

The Green Housekeeping Program developed by the Rochester Midland Corporation and offered by Clean Green Solutions is a comprehensive range of products providing a solution to green cleaning your hotel, school, office or apartment building. The program provides LEED Certification Points and is often less expensive than your current traditional cleaning. Kindly contact us for an on-site evaluation.

Green Laundry Program

Our commercial green laundry products will get your laundry clean while extending linen life and preserving our environment.   Our enzyme-based Green Clean detergent, combined with Green Clean Converge, Green Soft and our Green Clean Oxygen Destainer (hydrogen peroxide) as a bleach replacement.  

Clean Green Solutions supplies and installs laundry pumps and programs your washing machines at no additional charge. Creating clean and green laundry formulas that save money!

Green Restaurant Program

Restaurants and cafeterias can be clean and green!  The Green Restaurant Program includes enzyme based mopping, grease trap and drain products, green certified heavy duty degreasers and green dishwash detergents for your pot and pan sink and high or low temp dishwash machine.

We supply and install commercial dishwash soap dispensers and mixing stations at no charge as part of the program.

Cleaning Equipment Program

Does your building have dirty grout from foot traffic?  Pet hair of pet odors in your hallway carpets? How much time does it take your cleaning person to vacuum the hallways?

We have the equipment solution!  Self-contained carpet-extractors that cut labor time in half and have a 5 YEAR WARRANTY.  Smart Vacuums that are cordless, quiet and fast. Floor machines that keep hard floors clean, including grout and winter salt.