What Our Customers Say

In the past decade, we’ve had the pleasure to work with many property management companies, hotels, maid services, green buildings, day care facilities and more. We thought you’d like to hear directly from them.

 “We quickly discovered that we should have made the change a long time ago.  Cleaning green has improved the morale of our staff, given us a green marketing edge and saved us quite a bit of money.  I can’t say enough about how happy we are with the professionalism, responsiveness and knowledge of our Clean Green Solutions representative.”

Scott W., President
Property Management Company

“The price was comparable to the traditional cleaners we were using and our housekeeping staff’s feedback was that the green cleaners provided by CGS worked better than the non-green cleaners we were using AND that the green cleaners didn’t harm their lungs or skin as the non-green cleaners did. Several of our housekeepers have said that after just a few short weeks of using the green cleaners, they felt better. Making this decision in our hotels is one of the most positive overall changes our company has made”

Beth G., Vice President of Operations
Hotel Management Company

“Clean Green Solutions has provided my property with excellent green products that have not only been proven to be beneficial to the environment and the health of my guests/staff; but also very effective in the cleaning of the hotel. CGS provided a seamless transition from our previous chemicals to their line of green products and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of their products and the positive feedback from my housekeeping staff. I am pleased that I made the change to CGS and highly recommend them to everybody in the hospitality/cleaning industry.”

Joe M., Executive Housekeeper
Award-winning Hotel

“There is so much going on now with the green movement it is hard to keep up and know all there is to know about going green. Clean Green Solutions is an excellent resource for all my green needs. Bill and his company have been extremely helpful with helping me achieve the goals we have set as a company regarding green initiatives. The knowledge and service Clean Green Solutions have supplied is priceless.”

Gary P. S., Director of Maintenance Operations
Property Management Company

“We researched various other “green” products and ultimately determined that plant based cleaning products were our best option. We had heard about Clean Green Solutions through the New England Affordable Housing Association and determined that it was the best fit for us. Our Go Green Initiative, rolled out in early 2014, is not only the healthiest option for our residents & staff; it has also helped reduce expenses and liability, and has given us a marketing edge over our competition.”

Nancy R., CPM
Vice President of Marketing and Training

“As Equipment and Hockey Operations Manager of a Junior ‘A’ Hockey Team, I wanted to tell you that since we installed your technology in our dressing room all smells have been eliminated. We also have noted that the players appear to be staying healthy even if one might have cold or flu symptoms. We would highly recommend the use of this technology in sports facilities and locker rooms.”

Don R., Director of Hockey Operations,
Local Hockey Club

“I hope I’m not exulting too quickly, but the odor-sucking machine that facilities installed on the second floor of the SU (RS department) seems to be doing the trick. We can breathe for the first time in a week!”

Mary J. L., Associate Professor and Chair
Local College

“Wanted to let you know that the Hydroxyl Gernerator worked incredible in that unit. As you saw, it was among the worst smokers units that I have come across. After 2 days it was ready to be primed and painted and you never would have known it had been smoked in!!”

Property Management Company

“Love the whole idea of not adding harsh chemicals through our water system like other products..as much as they filter our water system not sure what chemicals slip by. And gets sent back out for public consumption we need to make sure our water stays chemical free.”

Kevin T.