Green Laundry Program

Our commercial green laundry products will get your laundry clean while extending linen life and preserving our environment.   Our enzyme Green Clean detergent, combined with Green Clean Converge, Green Soft and we use our Green Clean Oxygen Destainer (hydrogen peroxide) as a bleach replacement.  These products are certified by the EPA’s “Safer Choice” program.

Clean Green Solutions supplies and installs laundry pumps and programs your washing machines at no additional charge. Creating clean and green laundry formulas that save money!

Green Det

This laundry detergent lifts heavy stains from soiled fabrics while having minimal impact on the environment. Designed to be used through conventional top-loading and high efficiency laundry machines.


A laundry builder that prepares fabric in the wash wheel to be washed. By raising the pH of the wash water, in both warewashing and laundry, entrapped soils & greases begin to be released from all surfaces.

Green Soft

Laundry softener leaves fabric soft to the touch. Designed to easily be added to machines and eliminate static charge. This hypoallergenic formula contains no dyes or perfumes that people with sensitive skin might be adverse to.

Green Oxygen Destainer

This environmental preferred laundry destined utilizes the power of oxygen to quickly lift and eliminate stubborn stains. It is easy on fabrics and safe to use on all of your colors.