Green Restaurant Program

Restaurants and cafeterias can be clean and green!  The Green Restaurant Program includes enzyme based mopping, grease trap and drain products, green certified heavy duty degreasers and green dishwash detergents for your pot and pan sink and high or low temp dishwash machine.

We supply and install commercial dishwash soap dispensers and mixing stations at no charge as part of the program.


Converge is a hybrid product that is both a premium warewashing detergent designed for automatic dish machines, and a laundry builder. By raising the pH of the wash water, in both warewashing and laundry, entrapped soils & greases begin to be released from all surfaces.

Eco Suds

A mild detergent that is easy on hands. Leaves them silky and smooth. Premium concentrate that may be used on all types of soils and surfaces. This free rinsing formula whisks away with a minimum of water spotting.