The Coronavirus – Health & Business

The Coronavirus is affecting more than just our personal health. Our economic health is at stake as well. Business’ all around the world are being tested. Some struggle with keeping the doors open while others struggle with keeping up with the demand. Restaurants, hotels and bars are on one end of the spectrum while manufacturersContinue reading “The Coronavirus – Health & Business”

This Kills the Coronavirus!

Coronavirus – If you have… Enviro Care Neutral Disinfectant, you can stay protected during this pandemic. This product is plant-based, yet hospital grade and KILLS the Coronavirus.  Most of you have implemented The Green Housekeeping Program by Clean Green Solutions. Included in the portfolio of products is the SNAP Enviro Care Neutral Disinfectant. Enviro Care NeutralContinue reading “This Kills the Coronavirus!”

A Letter From The President

It’s hard to believe Clean Green Solutions started from an idea over 12 years ago. “Green” was heating up in the late 2000’s…” Read More Check Out Our New WebsiteUpdate 2020 SDS Here Check Out Our New Catalog What’s In Your Cleaning Product? Home and at Work Ever wonder why allergies have become so commonContinue reading “A Letter From The President”