This Kills the Coronavirus!

Coronavirus – If you have…

Enviro Care Neutral Disinfectant, you can stay protected during this pandemic. This product is plant-based, yet hospital grade and KILLS the Coronavirus. 

Most of you have implemented The Green Housekeeping Program by Clean Green Solutions. Included in the portfolio of products is the SNAP Enviro Care Neutral Disinfectant.

Enviro Care Neutral Disinfectant “How to Use” to kill the virus.

Killing It With Value!

The Enviro Care Neutral Disinfectant is mixed via the SNAP Dispensing System into a color coded labeled bottle for just $0.09 per quart!

Property Management & The Green Housekeeping Program

A national property management company recently implemented CGS’ Green Housekeeping Program across their entire portfolio, to 25 locations! Ranging from MA, all the way to SC and TN. Each site received a chemical mixing station, color coded bottles, triggers, and a portfolio of LEED certified clean green products to clean their entire building. What makes them stand out is they also have a car wash station in place. We’re supplying them with a green car wash detergent to make sure they’re staying green across the board.

New Product Alert & Monthly Special

New Catalog & Products

Again? Yes!! This time with two new pages filled with amazing products for you to choose from. This includes items in the laundry and warewash program, as well as your everyday building needs like hand soap.

Get Your Rental

You’ve tried everything and still can’t remove that awful stench? Then the Odorox is for you. It removes even the strongest of odors like cigarette smoke or mildew smells.

Service Spotlight

Do you have new employees that are unfamiliar with their products? When was the last time your cleaning crew got a training of the products they’re using? If you have the Green Housekeeping Program, you can get them all green certified for free. Schedule a training with us today!

FAQ: How Do I Remove Cigarette and Strong Cooking Odors?

A large percentage of Clean Green Solutions customer base is from apartment communities. We are asked all the time about removing cigarette smoke smell or odors from ethnic cooking from apartment units when the resident moves out.

Cigarette Smoke – Most apartment units HVAC systems are fairly simple. They have an air intake that sucks air from inside the apartment in, heats or cools that air and then ejects that same air back into the unit.

Imagine if someone has been smoking cigarettes in a unit for 3 years. They move out and empty the unit of their things and forfeit their security deposit. The problem is, it still stinks like cigarette smoke!

Most property management professionals will go through the same series of tasks; shampoo or remove the carpet, clean the unit, paint the walls with Kilz and then paint and change the filter in the HVAC. Often times after doing all of this, it still smells like smoke!

ALL of the cigarette smoke from years of smoking was sucked into and through the HVAC system and the smell is in the unit. You can clean the ducts and do the best you can cleaning the unit itself, but the smoke smell often persists.

The solution is hydroxyls. Hydroxyls are mother natures way of disinfecting and purifying the earth. Have you ever noticed the smell after a rainstorm? Those are hydroxyls you are smelling. They’re made from the moisture in the air after a rainstorm combined with a single ray from the spectrum of light from the sun.

Odorox technology replicates this naturally occurring event and allows the process to be brought inside to remove odors associated with cigarettes, ethnic cooking, pets, mold/mildew, etc.
We are happy to say we’ve helped our customers resolve odors in turnover units, in a educational hair salon with chemical odors, mold/mildew in college dorm rooms and odors in university locker rooms.

Contact us to rent or purchase an Odorox today. We have a special on the Odorox through March. Rent for one day and get a second day free!

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