A Letter From The President

It’s hard to believe Clean Green Solutions started from an idea over 12 years ago. “Green” was heating up in the late 2000’s…”

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What’s In Your Cleaning Product?
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Ever wonder why allergies have become so common now-a-days? Your cleaning products may have something to do with it. Pine Sol, according to a report by the Women’s Voices for the Earth, can cause allergies and pregnancy complications. Curious to see the side effects of other products you may be using? Click below.

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What’s New With CGS?

There have been a lot of changes this past quarter at Clean Green Solutions! Towards the end of last year, we moved our office to 252 Dorchester St in.. you guessed it.. Southie!

We ended the year with the holiday spirit by making sure we took care of what really matters. It’s been a tradition we’ve kept for the past 5 years to donate tv’s to the Veteran’s Association to help give back for all they’ve done for us. It feels great to be able to see the smile on their faces.

As for the latest news in January, I’d like to welcome the two new members that joined CGS this year, Belle and Justice (or Fat Butch as I like to call him). Belle is the marketer that designed our new website and she’ll also be handling operations if you ever need any assistance.

Justice is a 10yr old rescue dog I adopted from New Jersey this week. He reminded me of my last dog (Butch) and when I saw him online, I knew I had to get him. Now you’ll see him around the office, getting as excited about going green as we do!

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Cleaning Products On Lungs as Damaging as 20 Cigarettes a Day?

We all know that cleaning products can be harmful to your health but the question is, do we know just how harmful? Inhaling chemical fumes on a daily basis for a cleaning person can be impacting them in more ways than they know. Find out how damaging it can be to the lungs by clicking below.

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FAQ: How Do I Keep My Trash Room From Smelling Terrible?

A: This is a common problem for most buildings with high trash volume. When the room is empty of trash, use a degreaser (Alpha 3) to clean the crud off the chutes, compactor, floor, and dumpster. Once the crud is cleaned off, use an enzyme product (Enviro Care Liquibac) preventative maintenance(PM). Every time the dumpsters are emptied, spray the enzyme product all over the area and leave it, do not rinse off. When the dumpster and compactor have trash in them, the enzymes will activate and eat the bacteria that’s causing the bad odor.

At least 50% of the bad smell in an empty trash room comes from the drain. Pour the enzyme product directly into the drain. The enzymes will eat the bacteria and within minutes, the bad odor coming from the drain will be gone. To maintain clean and odor free trash chutes, go between coating the chutes with the degreaser and two weeks later with the enzyme product. Do not rinse either product off after applying.

By leaving the degreaser on the side of the chute, the bags coming down the chute will hit the sides, as well as the degreaser, and clean it. By leaving the enzymes, they’ll eat the odor causing bacteria on the sides of the chute. Using this combination consistently, will keep your chutes clean and odor-free!

You can also add an air freshening system (Oxygen Air Freshener) to help mask the odor of the room while trash is in it.

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